The Karwendel Höhenweg high-altitude trail

This six-day tour through the largest nature park in Austria is about so much more than simply 55 kilometres of hiking trails and a total of 7,000 metres of ascents and descents. The Karwendel Höhenweg trail offers the chance to explore the Karwendel mountains from the valleys to the summits, stay overnight in five outstanding mountain huts and experience the natural Alpine mountain environment with every step.

A challenging mountain hut trail with guaranteed chamois sightings!

Welcome to the Karwendel Höhenweg trail!

The new Karwendel Höhenweg trail takes you through the southern section of the Karwendel mountain range. What makes this tour unique is the frequent back-and-forth between the solitude of the Karwendel wilderness and the hustle and bustle of the Inntal valley. Starting from the Seefeld plateau, you head through forests and Alpine pastures on your way to the high mountains in which chamois sightings are all but guaranteed. Observant mountaineers will also have the opportunity to discover a great many other creatures that live at these high altitudes. Visitors spend the nights in hand-picked mountain huts belonging to the Austrian Alpine Association that provide exceptional service and are well worth an extended stay. The Karwendel Höhenweg trail is not suitable for Alpine beginners or children, but is intended for experienced mountaineers who are surefooted, have a good head for heights and are in ideal physical condition to take on the various stages.

Karwendel Höhenweg

Overview of the Karwendel Höhenweg high-altitude trail

Overview Map

The Karwendel Höhenweg trail is divided into 6 stages with a total difference in elevation of around 7,000 metres, including 3,400 metres of ascents. We recommend heading from west to east. For particularly ambitious mountaineers, there is also the opportunity to take in a number of rewarding peaks such as the Stempeljochspitze. It is possible to join and leave the route from any of the mountain huts and two cable cars can help considerably shorten the first and third stages. As it is very easy to make your way here via public transport, we recommend that you use this option.

Karte Karwendel Höhenweg
Höhenprofil Weitwanderweg Karwendel

The Karwendel Höhenweg trail in detail

The stages

Detailed information is provided for the respective stages and can also be downloaded as a PDF to print out. All stages are also shown on the interactive map, which makes it much easier to plan your tour. Nevertheless, we recommend that you use the Karwendel Höhenweg high-altitude trail brochure together with a classic hiking map featuring a scale of 1:50,000 or better.

Stage 1

Reith bei Seefeld – Nördlinger Hütte

Stage 2

Nördlinger Hütte – Solsteinhaus

Stage 3

Solsteinhaus – Pfeishütte

Stage 4

Pfeishütte – Bettelwurfhütte

Stage 5

Bettelwurfhütte – Hallerangerhaus

Stage 6

Hallerangerhaus – Scharnitz

The latest information on the Karwendel Höhenweg trail

Status Report

As a mountaineer on the Karwendel Höhenweg trail, you will largely find yourself on black mountain trails. It goes without saying that heavy rain, storms and other environmental influences may have an adverse impact on the trails and may prevent the immediate repair of any damage that occurs despite our best efforts. We therefore strive to provide the latest details on the situation while bearing in mind that this information can never be entirely up to date. The top priority for mountaineers on mountainous terrain is thus to take personal responsibility, maintain caution and be aware. For detailled information please call the tourist information.

Weitwanderweg in Tirol
Gams am Berg

Current weather conditions

When it comes to mountaineering in the Alps, the weather plays a particularly decisive role. Thoroughly informing yourself of the prevailing weather conditions is an essential part of proper tour planning.  A basic overview is provided below, although it is always sensible to obtain more precise information from outlets such as the Alpine weather service of the Austrian Alpine Association.

Gams am Berg

Public Transport

As you make your way along the Karwendel Höhenweg trail, you car can take a break. The start and end points are both very easy to access by bus and rail, ensuring a relaxed journey before you start your tour.

We’ve got you covered

Info & Service

We believe it is very important to ensure that all the preparatory information you need for your Karwendel Höhenweg tour is available on our website, which is why we have created a comprehensive service area. If you have any further questions or if you need assistance with booking a place at the mountain huts, our Karwendel Höhenweg trail experts will be happy to help.

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