Stage 5

Bettelwurfhütte hut – Hallerangerhaus hut

Bettelwurfhütte hut – Hallerangerhaus hut

Taking the old mule track through the clearing

A mule track is a trail that is too steep for wagons and carriages and was formerly used by drivers of mule trains, who had their animals transport goods from one valley to the next.

  • Difference in altitude downhill: 600 m
  • Starting point: Bettelwurfhütte
  • Endpoint: Hallerangerhaus
  • Recommended equipment: ankle-high mountain boots, sufficient water
  • Difficulty: moderately difficult / red mountain trail
Höhenprofil Etappe 5
Höhenprofil Etappe 5

Difference in altitude uphill

300 m

Highest point

2183 m



5,8 km


3:00 h

This stage starts at the eagle’s nest of the Karwendel, leads across the Lafatscher Joch and ends at the Hallerangerhaus hut with panoramic views over the Halltal valley.

Stage description:
After spending the night at the Bettelwurfhütte hut, the eagle’s nest of the Karwendel mountains, you take trail 222 back to the Lafatscher Joch (2081 m). Once there, you turn on to trail 223 heading north. As part of the famous Adlerweg long-distance hiking trail, this guides you between the Lafatscher, Roßkopf and Speckkarspitze mountains on a continuous descent to the Hallerangerhaus hut.

Good to know:
The trail through the blasted clearing from the Hallerangerhaus to the Lafatscher Joch is a typical mule track. This leads between the Lafatscher Roßkopf, the Kleiner Lafatscher and the Speckkarspitze mountains, thus connecting the Halleranger to the Halltal valley and the Bettelwurfhütte to the Hallerangerhaus.


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Flora and fauna on this stage

There are typical types of plants and animals to discover on each of the six stages. The more varied the mountain terrain, the more diverse the creatures that live there.

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