Stage 2

Nördlinger Hütte hut – Solsteinhaus hut

Nördlinger Hütte hut – Solsteinhaus hut

The Karwendel experience

Having gradually left ‘civilisation’ behind during the first stage, the second day sees you enjoying breakfast at a refuge up in the mountains. Stage two offers spectacular views as you head south-east before coming to the Ursprungsattel ridge.

  • Difference in altitude: 800 m
  • Starting point: Nördlinger Hütte
  • Endpoint: Solsteinhaus
  • Recommended equipment: ankle-high mountain boots, sufficient water
  • Difficulty: difficult / black mountain trail
Höhenprofil Etappe 2
Höhenprofil Etappe 2

Difference in altitude uphill

350 m

Highest point

2239 m



6,7 km


4:00 h

The second stage of the Karwendel Höhenweg trail leads across the Ursprungsattel ridge and the Eppzirler Scharte gap before coming to the Solsteinhaus.

Stage description:
Leaving the Nördlinger Hütte, you begin by heading east but soon follow the trail north as it passes below the eastern cliffs of the Reither Spitze mountain. The trail then takes you east once more and brings you to the Ursprungsattel ridge (2087 m). Here, you do not head in the direction of the Freiungstürme mountains but instead keep to the trail as it descends towards the north-east. At the Breiter Sattel ridge (1794 m), you branch off to the right on trail 74 in the direction of the Eppzirler Scharte gap. After crossing the large field of scree at the Kuhljoch and making a somewhat winding ascent, you will come to the Eppzirler Scharte gap (2102 m). From here, you embark on a climb with an elevation gain of around 200 metres up the lime gravel-filled Höllkar cirque (trail 212) before following the gentle undulations of trail 211/212 as it leads to the Solsteinhaus.

Interesting information:
When you come to the Ursprungsattel ridge, you have two variants to choose from. The route described above is part of the Karwendel Höhenweg trail. Mountaineers who feel fully confident on Alpine terrain can choose to make the crossing from the Ursprungsattel ridge (2096 m) to the Eppzirler Scharte gap along the Freiunger Höhenweg trail. Although the rocky sections are secured with ropes, total sure-footedness and a good head for heights remain essential requirements. Mountaineers are recommended to bring a via ferrata set.

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Flora and fauna on this stage

There are typical types of plants and animals to discover on each of the six stages. The more varied the mountain terrain, the more diverse the creatures that live there.

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